Kambing Jantan comic version

Hwahahaahaa. i already read the comic. Very funny. The ilustration feels real. Quite represents how the character must shows. I borrow it from my friend, Adyeet. But when i googling to find the cover to upload, what i found was different with mine.

my friend's
Get it in your bookstore!! --Like commercials-- I can't wait for the movie. Hihi,, =)

Rainbow in the night

I didn't go to Bakrie today. Cause my brother wanted to use the car. Hh,, Tomorrow i'm going to do a photoshoot for yearbook. I still haven't decided which will i use, skirt or shorts? Think that skirt is more 'safe' for my huge thigh. Ow ya, when my brother arrived at home, he brought me a mini dress. Very comfy. I guess it's to cure his guilty feelings. Hahaa,, =) Anywaayy,, thanks bro.

from my brother.

what do ya think?

Plain yoghurt

Oooww. Nothing special today. Study, rest, study, go home, do the laundry, go to course, study, take dress from tailor, go home, blogging. Hh,, i couldn't feel passion this day. Caelah,, gayanyaa. Besides that, my tie dye dress not-so-like-what-i-wanted. Hh,, i feel a little lazy to upload photos of it. Maybe tomorrow, maybe someday.

Ow, i remember something. So, cinta's friend --Zaka-- has a band. They are recording right now. And then he are looking for a manager. Since cinta and my favor of music same with him, he decided to ask us to be their manager. So,, i said yes. Hmm,, maybe i were too rushed. Don't know,, Heard fun for me. Hihii,, But we haven't known their genre music though.

PS: I haven't see ya cutie. Hmm,, =(

Tai dai a.k.a Tie dye

Hihihi,, i met him.. Okaayy,, i know. Next topic please. So i bought a long dress tie dye and white stocking for today. And i just went to the tailor to modify it. And this is my plan:
beckerman inspired.

sorry. it should be 29 jan.

Wish that the dress can be so cute just like him. ups i mean ... agyness'!!

I'm lovin' it

I regret something today. You girls must be know, yes cinta and ami?? I'm really a bad luck girl,, hh. =(
And now i'm officially know that i am one of the creative team for yearbook. And we will take a photo in Bekasi Square this sunday. Dress code: Tie dye. Hmm,, Guess i will search for it tomorrow with Laras and Phia. Anywaayyy,, I, Cinta, and Adis went to Mc Donald's just to taste how sweet Mc flurry is. Hmm,, yum! Cinta dropped her Mc flurry,, how stupid she is. Hahaaa,, becanda neng.

our favourite.

siblings syndrome

They both were playing computers when i asked them to take a photo with me. I'm the only girl iin the family and i'm the youngest. My biggest brother is in the upper photo, and my second one is in lower photo. Hahaa,, how fun they are.

heart attack

Imogen Heap - Say goodnight and go
Reff: " Why'd you have to be so cute
It's impossible to ignore you
Must you make me laugh so much
It's bad enough we get along so well
Say goodnight and go"

Another try out

2 days ago, i went to Naughty and i found this:
how cute!!

And yesterday I, Cinta, Cyntia, and Yoga went to Politeknik UI to attend a try out. It was so difficult!! AAARRGGHH. Damn. I become pessimist (--> got it from dictionary).
wearing my dad's shirt, Pasar Senen ruffle skirt, Taman Puring shoes
Tanah Abang bow belt, Naughty headscarf.

Lately,, i prefer to pull my front-hair back. Hihi,, Last night i dream about him. Waawww.

When i grow up

Hihi,, i wore my short school uniform today, coz my long skirt still wet. Hh,, Ow and i were asked to sang a song "Andai aku besar nanti" (or If i grow up in english) in Indonesian language lesson (?). The materi was a poetry, so we were asked to write down song lyrics a.k.a a poetry. Then i were asked to wrote in front of the class and sing it. Huwaa,, i was so shy. Hihi,,

Melody drama

at school toilet

Making jewelry by chemistry stuff called "molimot"

Proudly presents! My class chief, Bedon!!
His dream? Become a president of the world.


Waw,, i got busy this week Go to courses, and do the laundry. Now i have to go to the dentist. Bye,, =p

Hip hip hoo

I went to Gelora Bung Karno to attend the try out. With Cinta, Bayu --my childhood friend--, his friends: Ade and Damas. Hahah,, i'm very worry right now. Coz after i did the test, i realized how f***ingly HARD the questions are!! You need study harder fan,,

having funwhile thinking the answer.

left: Cinta
right: Me

Actually, this is just test-photo.
Not prepare yet.

New board!! (Because we didn't bring ours)

This is how we end up.
just with few answers,, hah.

Heheheh,, thanks guys!! For offering me a ride, for buying me food, and made me laugh today.

Oia,, Intan i'm sorry if i'm not there for you. I'm sad when you told that we have no care when you need it. Deeply sorry. But the truth is, i don't have any idea if you are sad right now. Because i thought you were ok already at school yesterday. Please! Don't do anything crazy.

Walk and talk

I went to Kota Wisata (again) with Cinta, Cyntia, Dito, Yoga, and cinta's friend Bo (I didn't know his name, i heard Cinta called him like "Bo,,"). We were signing to approve SIMAK UI try out for 25 january. And then,, we went to Kampung Cina or Chinatown!! Hihi,, it was soo much fun. But i couldn't find any unique stuffs to bought. Well,, there were some, but i was searching for something that appropriate for me.

Here we are

Cyntia, me, and Cinta

riding a dragon. Yahooo,,

What do ya think?

Don't have any idea
what am i doing..


Too bad i'm not in the pict

Heheh,, so much pictures huh? Because it was fun!! =)

The scruffs!

Games at Miniclip.com - The Scruffs
The Scruffs

Uncover Grandpa's secret and help The Scruffs save their family home.

Play this free game now!!

Slumdog millionaire

Wow,, i just watched this movie. Brilliant! All aspects are served. Real life, love, social, oh wow. Highly recommended, really. I watched it in house, guess my brother downloaded it.

"The story of Jamal Malik, an 18 year-old orphan from the slums of Mumbai, who is about to experience the biggest day of his life. With the whole nation watching, he is just one question away from winning a staggering 20 million rupees on India's "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" But when the show breaks for the night, police arrest him on suspicion of cheating; how could a street kid know so much? Desperate to prove his innocence, Jamal tells the story of his life in the slum where he and his brother grew up, of their adventures together on the road, of vicious encounters with local gangs, and of Latika, the girl he loved and lost. Each chapter of his story reveals the key to the answer to one of the game show's questions. Each chapter of Jamal's increasingly layered story reveals where he learned the answers to the show's seemingly impossible quizzes. But one question remains a mystery: what is this young man with no apparent desire for riches really doing on the game show? When the new day dawns and Jamal returns to answer the final question, the Inspector and sixty million viewers are about to find out. At the heart of its storytelling lies the question of how anyone comes to know the things they know about life and love." Written by Fox Searchlight Pictures.

It's also won 4 Golden Globes. Another 26 wins & 23 nominations.

Watch this movie guys!!

Floody night

can you see the sofa? the water has raised till
where the arrow shows. it's high!! very high. --midnight--

--morning-- the water get lower. look at the difference.

Raining at middle of the night

Waw,, it's almost 12 pm now. I was already slept just now. Suddenly, my father woke me up. Ooh,, then i saw outside my house. The flood has been raising. It's almost get in my garage --my house has been renovated and it's higher 1,5 mters now--. My neighbour Bu Toni and family are staying in my house for this night. I'll post the photos later,, i'm afraid to take pictures now because my father may say "Hey, what are you thinking?! Do you think we are in picnic huh? Taking pictures,,hh."

La la laa,,

Late to school today. Heheh,, It was raining too in this morning, but didn't make it till being flooded. Fiuh,, Pa Abbas came when i thought he won't since it was already 9 am (math starts at 8.30 am). The funny thing was, he asked Phia to open both doors. So the wind blew quite hard. It brought a wafer case in front of the class. When he wrote the title of the lesson, suddenly he looked left, approaching it, bend over it, and said "Heey,, do you guys all want to protest me huh? Are you messing with me?!! Are youu??!!" --there is must not any trash or anything he may called 'trash' in our class when he is teaching--. And then he decided to sit and didn't teach us until the bell is ringing. Hahahaahh,, sialan lo. Mana dapet 55 di rapor,,

O yea,, i saw 'the cute one' 3 times today! Aaanndd,, i met him on the way to teacher's room too. Hahahah,, freak.

Rise and fall

I didn't go to school this morning. Because,, my housing complex was flooded!! I can't even take out my motorcycle. Actually i don't really wanted to go to school if there wasn't a math subject --which i can't absent just for once--. But there was nothing that i can did. So,, i passed the school.

in front of my house area

Please help us,, ya Allah

The first challenge in this day is to take a shower. Waw,, Since holiday i never take a shower in the morning. Never. Plus, it was rainy for days so the water is so cold!! Brr,, i was freezing. And then i arrived at school just right before the school ceremony began. I don't know,, i felt like i don't have friends in class. Because when i line up at school ceremony, i coouldn't chat with my classmates. It was like i didn't know what to talk about. So i just chat with looks-like-my-only-friends, Sima and Arief. Hh,, Okay back to ceremony. The most surprising part was when our used-to be-our-georaphy-teacher that also being a curriculum staff, Pak Ade Nur said some criteria how we can graduate from class 12. As you know, i have 1 subject that i didn't pass, math. Actually, if Pak Ade didn't take a policy that "the score was written by pencil, so we can fix it in 2 weeks", all of the students will not be graduate instantly, without have to wait the National Test.

So does it mean, currently i may not graduate?! Naudzubillahi min zalik. So pleeaassee.. pleeeaaassseee Allah help us.

School !!

Oh noo. Tomorrow i'll start to go to school. I'm not ready yet. Although, my books have been spreaded randomly in my room.

Math = 55

Wew. Yesterday school report was given. And as i expect, i got red score for math, 55! Well, here are all the scores:
  • Moslem religion : 76
  • Citizenship (kewarganegaraan maxudnyaa) : 81
  • Indonesian language : 77
  • English : 81
  • Mathematics : 55
  • Physics : 80 --> yeah.. right.
  • Chemistry : 80
  • Biology : 79
  • History : 74
  • Sports : 76
  • Information of technology and communication : 73
  • Japanese : 88
  • Accountancy : 86
Looks like i become more stupid this year. I'm sorry dad. But my teacher said that math's score can be exchanged as long as i try to ask and do what my math teacher will ask. My teacher named Sarmani Abbas known for years as the strictest teacher. All scores represent our pure study result. But, the methods that he gave to us sometimes just not that into us. Hope that i can make my score better than before.

Ow,, i forgot to take a picture what i wore yesterday.

Pictures say everything

9 jan : create my very own headband.

8 jan: Eat some strawberries with melted-chocolate. Yumm!
And that's my second brother.

4 jan: Additional presents from friends

6 jan: 2nd surprise.Throw-cake war.
Me, Cinta, Vian, Dwiky,and Eka.

2 Days blog

Well,,yesterday i was so damn tired after the celebration's done. So i will write what happened yesterday.

They --Fitri, intan, aisyah, cyntia, yoga, iqbal, faisal, bunga, tepi (?), eka, dwiky-- finally came around 7 pm!! Damn. I've waited from 3 pm, that means i've been waited for 4 hours. Aaarrgghh,, But then i asked them to came in. We played UNO while waiting for others. But at 8 pm, tepi told me that he has a promise with someone. So he went home before we started to eat. Then rate, gagan, and agung came. We started to have dinner until 9.30 pm. We were playing guitar, singing, talking, etc. First, i was scared that i will get punk'd. But until they went home, nothing happened. Good.

TODAY. 21:46 pm.
My friends and I go to XXI. First, we planned to watch a movie, that unfortunately failed. Because there is no good films! So we decided to not watch movie. Fitri, intan, and bunga go home first because they have courses. So, i am the only girl in the gang. I decided to go home too,, because i don't eat anything for today and i rather to eat at home. I push Iqbal to go home too --because i go the XXI with him. no choice.God,, no--. But other boys want to take a pray first, so i follow them. This is the part: When i finished take a pray, i look back --the mosque's door is glass.and outside there is Yogi and gagan-- and see that Gagan point his finger to my shoes outside, and i know that there's something not right. And, it's true. I find my shoes already beside gagan's seat outside. Hahaha,, gotcha! They failed to punk'd me.

So we go home, but rate ask us --iqbal and i-- to go to fitri's house (Fitri,intan, and bunga didn't make it to courses because they were late). After arrive, i straightly say to fitri that i have to go home on that time because my father has called me! Because of it, they all go to my house too. We are playing UNO till 7.30 pm, and then they say that they wanted to go home. AND,, when i deliver them to garage, Rate hit me with egg! And then other start to hit me too, with eggs and flour!! So for 30 minutes there is "chase play" between me and my friends. What a fun time. I will never forget it. Though my 16th birthday more unforgettable. Hahahaa,,

What took you so long?!


I'm really upset right now. Some can't come to my house.
Sialan loooo aahh!!!
Here are the pictures:
wallet from Eka

Rate and I

2 Birthday cakes! Waw

Hey,, i get a gift from my family:
Black semi-dress from Soap Opera.

Love it. love it! Thanks everyone =)