Knowing is great!

I got 2 necklaces this week. Wii.. Love them. One is from Raiment Shop and the other one is from my brother. He bought it from his friend.

Amazing 26th Etnisphoria

Yup. That's the name of this event, or we can call it AMNESIA. And the main guest star is... SAINT LOCO!! Firstly, i didn't expect them much. But when they rock the stage, wow, i want to jumping around the beat (but i can't). It is a rock-metal band. Oops, i forgot. My class band also performed. They are Silvi (vocal), Dimas (bass), Deni (guitar), Bedon (guitar), and Opay (drum). They played Paramore-Decode!! It was great, two thumbs up!


The exam has done!! yippie. I took pictures with my phone in the last day. Psst,, some of my friends caught asking in here.

I had done the best of me, so i hope i can get the best too. Amin.

Black jack

My skirt has been made!! Yeeaaahh. I bought this satin fabric a few days ago. Since i don't have enough money to buy things in MNG, or topshop, or else). Poor me. So i decided to make my own one which is cheaper, of course =P

Yes, we can!!

Ya Allah..
Please graduates me, graduates my friends,
and all of the students who will facing the national exam next week.

I don't know if i can do it.
But, i have to!
I was worried.. my father really puts faith in me.
He is the only reason I study hard.
I wish I can put my best for next week!

So please..
Makes us easier to absorp the lessons,
Protects us from the unuseful ones,
Helps us to concentrate,
and makes our parents proud of us..

J for jogging

With my first brother..

For good..

from here

Concentrating for the final exam

Dad is back

from Pekanbaru, Riau after 2 weeks vacation. Aaaanndd he brought a lot of chocolates!
2 packs of CHOCOLATE cream-filling cookies,
2 packs of Cadbury: Hot Chocolate Milk,
2 packs of Teh Tarik,
3 bars of Toblerone,
1 pack of Roka,
2 Boxes of COBAR: Milk Chocolate Bar and Fruit & Nut,
2 boxes of Cadbury: Dairy Milk (in small pieces),
2 bar of Cadbury: Fruit & Nut,
and some fishes (Riau or especially Bagan Siapi-api famous for its fishes).
Ah, i forgot! And a pair of blue rubber sandals. Cute! <3

Love you, makz.

Uwoohh,, after using Advisor: Hair Repair by Makarizo just once, it has already make my day! It really did make my curly mess hair smoother.