Hii everyone! I'm going to go to course just in few minutes. As you can see, the clock's showing around 9 pm rite now. Yep,, i'm going to study till morning and won't go to school to do the Try Out. If I and Cinta can't make it till morn so we will go to my house and sleep.. Why? Because less than 36 more hours the UI selection will be held!! Haven't prepared yet.

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I love what i'm hating about

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I love:
1. Position as the only little girl at home
. Sometimes my dad gives me a better attention than to my brothers. And one more, become the only girl gives me chances to buy new clothes. Remembering my second brother's clothes are always from my bigger brother.
2. Upper-body. It's proporsional! Thin and tall. ^_^ Thanks God!
3. English skill. Knowing that my english is quite better than others. Or maybe it's the only thing i'm capable of.
4. Funny side of me. I reaaaally love making people laugh!
5. My appearance as siblings. I really grateful because i have funny brothers.
6. Playing guitar. Since not many girl in my school could.
7. ...
8. ...

I hate:
1. Lower-body.
(read:My big butt!) No doubt about it.
2. Physics. I have no idea why i never can understand physics. I will avoid it as well as i can.
3. Bad hair day. You know,, curly hair has more problems than straight one. I will cover it by pull up all of my hair side.
4. Acnes. I hate myy acnes. It really attempting me if see people's smooth face. But i'm working on it.
5. Laziness of taking shower. Especially in holiday. I will take a shower only on evening. Or worse, i will only take a shower if i go outside. If not ... Hihi,,
6. Cooking. I can't cook for real. Just instant noodle, water, and rice. I wanna be able to cook but i don't have courage to get in the kitchen cause once when i was trying to cook by myself, there was a fire on my pan!! Maybe around 1 metre high..
7. ...
8. ...

Gotta sleep. Continues tomorrow!

Bloody hell

Today the Palang Merah Indonesia- Bekasi branch or Red Cross came to my school. There i donor my blood for the first time!! I was scared for the injection, hiii!! ;( But finally I encourage myself and try it. It doesn't that hurt actually. There was a funny thing: So when the nurse boy wanted to pull out the injection, i shout "Wait.. wait!" while grabbing my hood. But before i had bitten my hood, he said "Done!". Waaaww,, it didn't hurt!! Thank you,,
why does the picture look small? I've upgraded the pixel level though.


7 days more,, huh. Can I? I hope i can or it should be: I KNOW I CAN!! Hmm, so easy to say but too hard to put it in mind. I did a Try Out today. If i allowed to make a measurement maybe this is what i have ready for:
  • Basic Mathematic : 50 %
  • Indonesian : 90%
  • English : 80%
  • Mathematic : 30%
  • Physics : 1% --> yep, i wrote it correctly.
  • Biology : 40%
  • Science appliement : 20%
Soo,, if i calculate it the average iiiiisss .. : 44,7 % !! I know, if i write about this it just make me go down. But i hope something in me will wake up after see the calculation of my preparation for Universitas Indonesia selection test.
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My last chance..

Actually this is yesterday post, i'm late sorry. So after studied at Ganesha Operation (GO), I, Cinta, and Eka went out looking for some snack to eat. So we went to Galaxy. There we decided to eat Nasi Kucing or in English would be Cat Rice. It said so because its amount of rice. Just sooo few. But it become the saviour for college students in Indonesia who lives outside their hometown. There we spent Rp 20.000,- or around 2$ or less for three of us. But don't wish you will full by only one pack of Nasi kucing.

Nasi Kucing
Open : Everyday, from around 7pm-till 12am.
Place: Galaxy, Next to ATM BCA at alfamart.
Price: Rp 1500,- for rice and Rp 500 - 2000,- for each dish.



You are Black Koala who has purity and sweetness of a girl.
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Once you start on something, you will not give up half way, or show weakness.
You know how to get on in life, and are a calculative woman.
Economic wise, you've got your feet steadily on the ground.
You are rather suspicious type of person.
You don't tend to take every word of other person straightly.
You try to read behind the lines, very carefully.
You tend to get lost in your thought.
You think high of sports and training.
Nevertheless, you also think a lot about art, and are a romantic sort of person.
Even after you get married, you can be successful as a professional.

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Present from heart

My dad just called me by phone and he asked, "What shoes size do you wear? I saw a white shoes, keds alike. I'll buy it for you,, is it okay?". Yippiiieeeee.... Can't wait to see it, ups i mean him.

And just before i write this post, i was chatting with Gagan. He was teaching me steps to make a song. What i've done : Chose "friendship" theme. And tonight (after studying math) i will arrange some words. La la laa,, ~

Sound of song

Have you seen my new profile picture?? Heheheh,, =)

There was a flag ceremony (is it right?) at my school. My principal made a long speech,, hh. There, i met on the eye with cutie. Hihi,, And after school at 12.30 pm we continued with Try Out: Indonesian and Math. Couldn't do math!! ;( And now i'm trying to write a song. I've found some chords: G-Bm-C-Cadd9. And for bridge or else: Am-Em-Am-Dm-E. Still searching for the lyrics. What would it be?

Introducing,, cinta

Maybe some of you has noticed this "girl" in every photos of mine. Hh,, well girls. This is Cinta. She's one of my besties. Since currently i'm in the same class with her (again), we hang out together a lot. But,, don't be blinded with her ... face --> I can't spell it. Because,, she is mean!! Hahaa,, just kidding fellas. =P

Cartoon fever

Uwooohh,, yeah. Just got back from BSM, did the test. Actually the questions are really simple and easy,, but i still couldn't do it well. But i'm quite confidence though. Yippie,, wish me luck. And then we continued to ate something at Comic Cafe, Tebet. The foods are only snack for me, not gonna fulfill my hunger, really. So i decided to order chocolate waffle, yum! =9 Then, i went to Endorse and bought a bracelet. Psstt, i had marked some skirts and leggings for me to buy for next days.

Close ur eyes

Very sleepy,, zzz. Tomorrow i have a test at Bakrie School of Managemen. I've studied quite long,,2 hours! Bah. Huwahahaa,, So not prepared huh? Hihi,, That's moi. Wish me luck. Owh,, almost forgot. I saw the cutie boy-next-door again finally. Oh boy, he's still cute. ;)

High school never ends

Boorriinng... *sigh. Nothing to report. Didn't meet cutie today. Just did ordinary boring things today. So i decided to post some old photos from my handphone. Rite now,, busy working on the damn math homework. I still have dozens of questions to answered.. ups, i mean to copy (cuz i have the copy for the answers). Tee hee >.<

at Kota Tua, Central Jakarta

just got these today. they were mine and friends'.


intan really can't drive motorcycle.

show ur forehead!!

Nite all,, =)

Pay for parking??!!

Were out to Bakrie (again). Join Cinta to apply her papers. Using my car. Done with Bakrie things, we decided to eat at CyberFood at Bekasi Cyber Park. We were surprised to saw XII IPS 2 boy there,, then we called A. So we found out that every Wednesday night A performs with his reggae band. A couple of minutes later, Opay and Dapot came!! Hahahaa,, what a coincidence meeting friends there.
PS : Hihi,, you must know what makes me happy in school,, rite Cinta? =P

I came late today. And the ones who come late from today, may park their vehicles on park field beside school area. I mean,, whaaatt? At first i was just "Oh,, okay". But when i took my motorcycle back, i have to pay to men there!! Heeyy,, i guess we shouldn't pay something like that. Huhh,, Ehm ehm. I'm sorry: Heh,, begoo. Masa gw mesti bayar?? Siapa suruh kita suruh parkir sana? Trus emang kita bawa motor buat apa? Buat BLAJARR!! Kalo skolah yang suruh parkir sana, ya bayarin dong. Masa ada ongkos parkir seh?? GOBL*K!! Sorry, hihi. I'm just so mad. ;=(

Went to BSM

I've applied my papers to Bakrie School of Management 2 days ago. I was shocked when we were looking around that campus. Hihi,, well let's hope i can pass the test. The scholarship test, i mean. And we have a new friend --Arief's friend-- , Doli. Well Doli,, welcome to the real world with us. =P

Happy Hour

A lot of fun things i experienced today.
1.) I could answer the 10-second-math-question correctly!! Hihi,, yeaahh baby.
2.) H.T.T.M. again.
3.) I and Cinta went to the doctor. Did the examination of color blind, and we passed. Yahooo,, But we got totally wet because the rain fell suddenly. Damn. =(
4.) After that, we ate in Kalasan. Waaww,, delicious. Moreover i'm hungry,, Just spent Rp 8.500,- !!
5.) We decided to go to my house so we can change clothes and rest. Hihi,, But when we were passing an elementary school, we saw a gulali seller. It's an old skool sweets.
6.) At 14.45 i woke Cinta up who slept in my bedroom just now. It's time for students go home for Thursday. I'm afraid her sister, Adis, will waiting too long. So we went to picked her up. And guess what. When we went to school and met Adis, she said "Hey, didn't i text you, sis? I told that i'll be home at 5pm. Not now". " ... ".

In the check up room. Can you see how the doctor pose?

What a shame


Flamingo-shape gulali

Gulali too. Just as big as a marble but it costs Rp 1.000,- !!!!
What the f??

School's bell ringing

My boy friends

Rate, agung, and iqbal

Agung wearing bleached-batik uniform

Arief a.k.a Puding

Smile please

Hahaa,, my english homework about make a summary film has been known by my teacher that i was copying from internet. Haha,, Ow ya, in the afternoon i got a headache (again). Damn. Psstt,, i was greeting him today. And when i got back school,, at the school park we met. He was greeting me first. Hihi,, But he didn't smile. Ooooowww =( . I and cinta went to my house first before we went to course. Badly, the rain fell when we were going to go. So, we made it only for he second lesson, Biology. By my father's car.

Good news: I got a new servant!! Her name is Rina. So i call her Mba Rina. She has a husband. So she just works for Monday till Friday. It's okay. Well hello Mba Rina. Welcome to our 'hell house'. Huwahahaa,, =p

Hello rain

Still got a headache. Wew,, this morning i felt soo sleepy. Must be because i slept at 1 am. Hoaahhmm. Dito and alif came to my house last night. And when they were going to go home, rain falls. So they wait ... till 12pm. Hahahaa,, they crushed away the flood.

It were raining all day long. Because i didn't bring my motorcycle, i asked Iqbal to drove me home. And at the school gate,, i saw him were seeing me (but with iqbal). Huwaaa,, if i knew that you were there i won't ask iqbal to. I just walked to angkot so you can see me alone ... After we drove about 5 metres from school gate, i scream "I wanna go home with himm!!". Iqbal just "Huh? Well alright then". Yeah right,, he turned back to school gate! And we got him went out just at the same time. So I and Iqbal drove back home exactly behind his (friend)'s motorcycle. He saw me turning back. How fool you Iqbaaalll!! >.<


Fiuhh,, today i did photoshoot with other yearbook team. Hihi,, it's been a long time i haven't gone to ball-pool. I ran over here and there just like a kid. The photoshoot ended at 9.30 am. I, Cyntia, Phia, and Ria took a ride with Dito. I asked him "Dito, how do you get home?". "By car". "I'm in!! Please,, just drive to G.O.". " Hmm,, alright then". We bought some breads at Breadtalk. And went to the main gate of Bekasi Square. I were questioning, why are we wait? Don't we just go to the car? The answer reveals,, dito means "By car (with my mom)". Huwaaa,, i'm so sorry. I didn't know, auntie. So, we arrived at GO (thanks to dito's mom). And study immediately. I met my JHS BFF, Moniq and Nuri! Yippie. What a coincidence. Suddenly, my headache come back! I couldn't handle it. So i didn't do the try out and go home with my brother, Kak Tami, Tante Ayu.

at Ball pool, Bekasi Square:

at Breadtalk:

meet my BFF, Moniq at GO: