When u're realized

that ur english is terrible.. Once i played UNO on Facebook, and there i chatted with people from around the world.

Fanny D. hi all
Shaquala C. hello
Greg B. Hello! How are u?
Fanny D. fine..
Fanny D. where r u guys come from?
Shaquala C. Everything's good with me
Shaquala C. trying to take a releiver finance class kicking my butt
Shaquala C. I meant to say releiver
Shaquala C. reliever
Greg B. From MD
Shaquala C. I think that's how you spell it
Shaquala C. yes
Fanny D. where's MD?
Shaquala C. the reliever
Shaquala C. relating to MD
Greg B. maryland
Fanny D. oohh..
Fanny D. i'm from jakarta.
Shaquala C. oh I am sorry
Shaquala C. NY in the house but reside in NC
Robert P. li
Shaquala C. did you say long island?
Fanny D. sakarepmu.. *
Robert P. yes
Shaquala C. oh ok
==========THE END, I quit immediately=========

*) means whatever or up to you. It's javanese. Maybe i just didn't know what are they talking about, but when i chatted i thought "Why are these people keep talking and talking. I don't even know whom they are talking to. Especially Shaquala.. Geez"

And once I also chatted with 3 people (whom i supposed that they are friends) and using the F, B, S word. Totally funny but unfortunately i forgot to save it.


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