I hate this part right here..

Finally blogging again. Reading my friend, Adyeet's blog makes me wanna post something. Actually a lot of cool things passed and i forgot to post them ;p . Today is my second night in Bandung. What am i doing here? Well, tomorrow i have a wedding party to be attended. I will use bright blue kebaya. But the most scariest moment is when i have to go to salon. Oh-my-god. A lot of the beautician here are adults (i mean mothers age). So they like to put on heavy make up on your face, and it's totally blur. Hh..

P.S : I have a fought with my brothers rite now. So, if i talk to them i use higher tone now. Too much 'now' words huh? I'm thinking about changing this blog layout. Anybody know how?

Newer P.S : My first brother just went out from my room with slamming the door. Yeah right.. My second one? No, he is sleeping in my room too.


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