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Whole day all television channel broadcasted about bomb attack in 2 hotels in Mega Kuningan, Jakarta : JW. Marriott and Ritz Carlton. The bomb exploded first in JW. Marriott at 07.45 and then in Ritz Carlton at 07.50. From the latest news,known that there are 9 people died, one of them is Timothy MacKay, Holcim Indonesia Tbk president. And there are about 50 people injured. In 2003, JW. Marriott was bombed too. But until now the government still have no idea who behind this case.

Hotel Ritz Carlton is the place that Manchester United, who will come tomorrow to Indonesia, will stay. Because of this attack,from MU official person has confirmed not gonna come tomorrow. This will make MU big fans in Indonesia disappointed..

Lets pray that people who get harmed in this attack will be given patience and strength to passing these things, and may God be with them always..
image from Queen Bee


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