Black Levi's jeans

Sneak peek of my life in 3 weeks lately..

Moniq and me

Dormitory's canteen or well known as "Resto"
Looks good huh? You can't imagine when it's hooott.

My orientation group 'Barrack Obama'.
We didn't win any race but we are definitely the best cheering team (for us).
Love y'all guys <3

My class schedule, starts monday.

Welcome to hell! Since the orientation schedule was full,
I even didn't have time to manage my room.
Shoes here and there, totally mess.

Get instant.

Here I am. Still in my house. Tomorrow I have a class.. why am I still here?? Well I used to go back to dorm tonight, but my father said he was soo lazy to drive me in the night.. Well okay, so I will go to dorm after fasting-breakfast or sahur. Gonna feel so sleepy in the morning class I think.. Zzzzz.

Sorry morry

Hellooww yelloww.. what's up all?

Since 25th August, i move into a dormitory. I'm now a student in President University batch 2009!! I choose International Relations major. And there.. aahh.. so boring. But i live with Cinta, one of my BFF. Finally we can make it tobe a roommate. There is no TV, and the wifi is sooooo bad. That's why I never touch my laptop ;(

But now i'm hoooommee!! Because for saturday and sunday will be no class so i decided to go home. Aaahh.. so comfy here. Well I will post some photos later.. Gotta lay down for a while in my sweet home.


Call me late

But i never browsing or read international magazines eversince. So when i googling photos of Taylor Momsen i found these:

I reaally love her style.

When u're realized

that ur english is terrible.. Once i played UNO on Facebook, and there i chatted with people from around the world.

Fanny D. hi all
Shaquala C. hello
Greg B. Hello! How are u?
Fanny D. fine..
Fanny D. where r u guys come from?
Shaquala C. Everything's good with me
Shaquala C. trying to take a releiver finance class kicking my butt
Shaquala C. I meant to say releiver
Shaquala C. reliever
Greg B. From MD
Shaquala C. I think that's how you spell it
Shaquala C. yes
Fanny D. where's MD?
Shaquala C. the reliever
Shaquala C. relating to MD
Greg B. maryland
Fanny D. oohh..
Fanny D. i'm from jakarta.
Shaquala C. oh I am sorry
Shaquala C. NY in the house but reside in NC
Robert P. li
Shaquala C. did you say long island?
Fanny D. sakarepmu.. *
Robert P. yes
Shaquala C. oh ok
==========THE END, I quit immediately=========

*) means whatever or up to you. It's javanese. Maybe i just didn't know what are they talking about, but when i chatted i thought "Why are these people keep talking and talking. I don't even know whom they are talking to. Especially Shaquala.. Geez"

And once I also chatted with 3 people (whom i supposed that they are friends) and using the F, B, S word. Totally funny but unfortunately i forgot to save it.

I Love you full

Our lovely Mbah Surip

He was a street musician for decades, and now he just walking on his top achievements. Being famous by his songs, known as simple but memorable for all generation. Who knows that he has 4 academic titles. His first single (on TV) "Tak Gendong" makes money until 81 billion rupiahs. Tonight he should be perform in Trans TV program, but God has another decision. Good bye Mbah Surip who always spreading his bright smile and one-of-a-kind laugh.


is the day. Yup, there will be an announcement on Newspaper and Web for the SNMPTN result. Hope my number will shown. Bismillah..