is the day. Yup, there will be an announcement on Newspaper and Web for the SNMPTN result. Hope my number will shown. Bismillah..

For all parents

"Kids do as you do, not as you say"
Suze on Oprah Winfrey Show

I think

"Sometimes being bad is not that bad"

News of the day

Whole day all television channel broadcasted about bomb attack in 2 hotels in Mega Kuningan, Jakarta : JW. Marriott and Ritz Carlton. The bomb exploded first in JW. Marriott at 07.45 and then in Ritz Carlton at 07.50. From the latest news,known that there are 9 people died, one of them is Timothy MacKay, Holcim Indonesia Tbk president. And there are about 50 people injured. In 2003, JW. Marriott was bombed too. But until now the government still have no idea who behind this case.

Hotel Ritz Carlton is the place that Manchester United, who will come tomorrow to Indonesia, will stay. Because of this attack,from MU official person has confirmed not gonna come tomorrow. This will make MU big fans in Indonesia disappointed..

Lets pray that people who get harmed in this attack will be given patience and strength to passing these things, and may God be with them always..
image from Queen Bee

Today crush: Sidekick

I've been wanting them since i watched gossip girl.. it's been a long time huh? But i didn't excite much. But lately when i saw Nokia n97 that looks same, i asked my brother about that, and just found out the name, Sidekick. Don't know about the series yet, so i will just show you some random photos. If you guys know the details feel free to comment =D
Nokia n97

One day with my dad <3

We spent it by went to Badan Diklat Keuangan on Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. So here are the chronologies:

07.00 : We started to leaving Bekasi and went to Kebayoran. I drove. And my uncle also joined us, to avoid 3in1. And because today is the first day of new school year (tahun ajaran baru maksudnya..) , even though we use toll road, Oh-My-God.. there was a heavy gigantic super hyper traffic jam!! Jakarta oh jakarta.. @_@
09.35 : Arrived! So i started to get into the building and queueing (do i spell it rite?). It's a loong loooong loooooong line! About >50 metres.. do you believe it? Try to!
11.15 : Finally i'm in the front line. The staffs asked us to fill a room chairs. About 40 people in it. I met my JHS schoolmates, Endang.
11.30 : nothing to do.. just sit and sleep
11.58 : 40 of us were asked to move to another room. There, our documents were checked, of course after we queued..
12.39 : Finally! My documents were checked! They were fine, nothing wrong (still). And then, another room we went to.
13.00 : Waiting in a room until we were called to the next room for printing card session.
13. 25 : Yeess, finally the last work to do today! ... ... ... Guess what? They said my temporary school certificate hasn't been legalized.. My paper only has school stample on it. And then i was asked to return before 16 july to bring the paper. Aaaarrrgghh.. Damn! Really pissed me off! ;=(
13.30 : I and my dad went for lunch in Rumah Makan Padang on Benhil.
13.50 : We went to my uncle's office to take some money..
14.30 : We went to BLOOP!! There i met VIERRA.. I know you know them, all Indonesian people.. I saw Widy, ah she is so gorgeus with natural makeup and of course wearing mini shorts to pull off her skinny legs (which i wanted to have ;D) . Satria is the first whom i saw from outside.. He just sat on the sofa and playing his handphone, i approached him with looking-on-necklaces move. Hahahaa.. And Kevin, woohoo always love his hairstyle. Last, Raka.. i just saw him from far, playing his handphone just like Satria did. Oookaay, forget about them. I bought a vest and a necklace.. And T-shirts for my brothers. My dad also boughy himself a shirt.
Will post them.

Here are some photos of Vierra
Widy - Vocalist
Kevin - Keyboardist
Tryan - Drummer
Raka - Guitarist

Click, click, click

Okaayy, i've googled for an hour. And these are the results: CONVERSE! And there are two version: Sequin and Stud. Yep, they are ones of the latest fashion nowadays.

Since now every shoes shop welcoming new school year, Converse, which is also a school shoes type, will be on sale! Hihi.. I always wanna buy hi converse. My old school shoes is already ripped here and there. And i wanna make my future Converse like this:
Cool rite?

And here are the pictures for Sequin Shoes
This is the winner!!

Today crush: LV Spicy Sandals

No, no, actually i've been eyeing this sandals since Gogirl! put an article where there is my lovely Alexa Chung on it.
My all time favorite. ahh..

Aaaaarrghh, it's such a beauty all over it! But, i will never have them on my feet.. Their price are $1650 - $3000! Wippiiee.. definitely not on my shopping list, just save them on my wish list.. ;( I wish i were a Hollywood star. Ahahaa.. ;p

But if you cant reach them maybe you should check out Strappy Voodoo Sandals from Topshop, they are about $120.

Indonesia's president election day

Cheers all =D
Today is the day that will decide Indonesia's future 5 years from now on. And for this election, i got my name on the voter list. Hehehee.. happy! I know exactly who and why i chose that person. Secret huh? My finger has a purple ink on it.. It's quite an honour to have it. Sooo, all my family members could vote for next elections. I have some pictures, but maybe i will upload them tomorrow morning.

Happy democracy all.

I hate this part right here..

Finally blogging again. Reading my friend, Adyeet's blog makes me wanna post something. Actually a lot of cool things passed and i forgot to post them ;p . Today is my second night in Bandung. What am i doing here? Well, tomorrow i have a wedding party to be attended. I will use bright blue kebaya. But the most scariest moment is when i have to go to salon. Oh-my-god. A lot of the beautician here are adults (i mean mothers age). So they like to put on heavy make up on your face, and it's totally blur. Hh..

P.S : I have a fought with my brothers rite now. So, if i talk to them i use higher tone now. Too much 'now' words huh? I'm thinking about changing this blog layout. Anybody know how?

Newer P.S : My first brother just went out from my room with slamming the door. Yeah right.. My second one? No, he is sleeping in my room too.