One day with my dad <3

We spent it by went to Badan Diklat Keuangan on Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. So here are the chronologies:

07.00 : We started to leaving Bekasi and went to Kebayoran. I drove. And my uncle also joined us, to avoid 3in1. And because today is the first day of new school year (tahun ajaran baru maksudnya..) , even though we use toll road, Oh-My-God.. there was a heavy gigantic super hyper traffic jam!! Jakarta oh jakarta.. @_@
09.35 : Arrived! So i started to get into the building and queueing (do i spell it rite?). It's a loong loooong loooooong line! About >50 metres.. do you believe it? Try to!
11.15 : Finally i'm in the front line. The staffs asked us to fill a room chairs. About 40 people in it. I met my JHS schoolmates, Endang.
11.30 : nothing to do.. just sit and sleep
11.58 : 40 of us were asked to move to another room. There, our documents were checked, of course after we queued..
12.39 : Finally! My documents were checked! They were fine, nothing wrong (still). And then, another room we went to.
13.00 : Waiting in a room until we were called to the next room for printing card session.
13. 25 : Yeess, finally the last work to do today! ... ... ... Guess what? They said my temporary school certificate hasn't been legalized.. My paper only has school stample on it. And then i was asked to return before 16 july to bring the paper. Aaaarrrgghh.. Damn! Really pissed me off! ;=(
13.30 : I and my dad went for lunch in Rumah Makan Padang on Benhil.
13.50 : We went to my uncle's office to take some money..
14.30 : We went to BLOOP!! There i met VIERRA.. I know you know them, all Indonesian people.. I saw Widy, ah she is so gorgeus with natural makeup and of course wearing mini shorts to pull off her skinny legs (which i wanted to have ;D) . Satria is the first whom i saw from outside.. He just sat on the sofa and playing his handphone, i approached him with looking-on-necklaces move. Hahahaa.. And Kevin, woohoo always love his hairstyle. Last, Raka.. i just saw him from far, playing his handphone just like Satria did. Oookaay, forget about them. I bought a vest and a necklace.. And T-shirts for my brothers. My dad also boughy himself a shirt.
Will post them.

Here are some photos of Vierra
Widy - Vocalist
Kevin - Keyboardist
Tryan - Drummer
Raka - Guitarist


Dhyn Hanarun said...

i love Widy's style too. she so brave to wore mini skirt and oversize blazer

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