Happy Hour

A lot of fun things i experienced today.
1.) I could answer the 10-second-math-question correctly!! Hihi,, yeaahh baby.
2.) H.T.T.M. again.
3.) I and Cinta went to the doctor. Did the examination of color blind, and we passed. Yahooo,, But we got totally wet because the rain fell suddenly. Damn. =(
4.) After that, we ate in Kalasan. Waaww,, delicious. Moreover i'm hungry,, Just spent Rp 8.500,- !!
5.) We decided to go to my house so we can change clothes and rest. Hihi,, But when we were passing an elementary school, we saw a gulali seller. It's an old skool sweets.
6.) At 14.45 i woke Cinta up who slept in my bedroom just now. It's time for students go home for Thursday. I'm afraid her sister, Adis, will waiting too long. So we went to picked her up. And guess what. When we went to school and met Adis, she said "Hey, didn't i text you, sis? I told that i'll be home at 5pm. Not now". " ... ".

In the check up room. Can you see how the doctor pose?

What a shame


Flamingo-shape gulali

Gulali too. Just as big as a marble but it costs Rp 1.000,- !!!!
What the f??


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