I love what i'm hating about

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I love:
1. Position as the only little girl at home
. Sometimes my dad gives me a better attention than to my brothers. And one more, become the only girl gives me chances to buy new clothes. Remembering my second brother's clothes are always from my bigger brother.
2. Upper-body. It's proporsional! Thin and tall. ^_^ Thanks God!
3. English skill. Knowing that my english is quite better than others. Or maybe it's the only thing i'm capable of.
4. Funny side of me. I reaaaally love making people laugh!
5. My appearance as siblings. I really grateful because i have funny brothers.
6. Playing guitar. Since not many girl in my school could.
7. ...
8. ...

I hate:
1. Lower-body.
(read:My big butt!) No doubt about it.
2. Physics. I have no idea why i never can understand physics. I will avoid it as well as i can.
3. Bad hair day. You know,, curly hair has more problems than straight one. I will cover it by pull up all of my hair side.
4. Acnes. I hate myy acnes. It really attempting me if see people's smooth face. But i'm working on it.
5. Laziness of taking shower. Especially in holiday. I will take a shower only on evening. Or worse, i will only take a shower if i go outside. If not ... Hihi,,
6. Cooking. I can't cook for real. Just instant noodle, water, and rice. I wanna be able to cook but i don't have courage to get in the kitchen cause once when i was trying to cook by myself, there was a fire on my pan!! Maybe around 1 metre high..
7. ...
8. ...

Gotta sleep. Continues tomorrow!


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