Pay for parking??!!

Were out to Bakrie (again). Join Cinta to apply her papers. Using my car. Done with Bakrie things, we decided to eat at CyberFood at Bekasi Cyber Park. We were surprised to saw XII IPS 2 boy there,, then we called A. So we found out that every Wednesday night A performs with his reggae band. A couple of minutes later, Opay and Dapot came!! Hahahaa,, what a coincidence meeting friends there.
PS : Hihi,, you must know what makes me happy in school,, rite Cinta? =P

I came late today. And the ones who come late from today, may park their vehicles on park field beside school area. I mean,, whaaatt? At first i was just "Oh,, okay". But when i took my motorcycle back, i have to pay to men there!! Heeyy,, i guess we shouldn't pay something like that. Huhh,, Ehm ehm. I'm sorry: Heh,, begoo. Masa gw mesti bayar?? Siapa suruh kita suruh parkir sana? Trus emang kita bawa motor buat apa? Buat BLAJARR!! Kalo skolah yang suruh parkir sana, ya bayarin dong. Masa ada ongkos parkir seh?? GOBL*K!! Sorry, hihi. I'm just so mad. ;=(


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