Fiuhh,, today i did photoshoot with other yearbook team. Hihi,, it's been a long time i haven't gone to ball-pool. I ran over here and there just like a kid. The photoshoot ended at 9.30 am. I, Cyntia, Phia, and Ria took a ride with Dito. I asked him "Dito, how do you get home?". "By car". "I'm in!! Please,, just drive to G.O.". " Hmm,, alright then". We bought some breads at Breadtalk. And went to the main gate of Bekasi Square. I were questioning, why are we wait? Don't we just go to the car? The answer reveals,, dito means "By car (with my mom)". Huwaaa,, i'm so sorry. I didn't know, auntie. So, we arrived at GO (thanks to dito's mom). And study immediately. I met my JHS BFF, Moniq and Nuri! Yippie. What a coincidence. Suddenly, my headache come back! I couldn't handle it. So i didn't do the try out and go home with my brother, Kak Tami, Tante Ayu.

at Ball pool, Bekasi Square:

at Breadtalk:

meet my BFF, Moniq at GO:


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