Smile please

Hahaa,, my english homework about make a summary film has been known by my teacher that i was copying from internet. Haha,, Ow ya, in the afternoon i got a headache (again). Damn. Psstt,, i was greeting him today. And when i got back school,, at the school park we met. He was greeting me first. Hihi,, But he didn't smile. Ooooowww =( . I and cinta went to my house first before we went to course. Badly, the rain fell when we were going to go. So, we made it only for he second lesson, Biology. By my father's car.

Good news: I got a new servant!! Her name is Rina. So i call her Mba Rina. She has a husband. So she just works for Monday till Friday. It's okay. Well hello Mba Rina. Welcome to our 'hell house'. Huwahahaa,, =p


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