Hello rain

Still got a headache. Wew,, this morning i felt soo sleepy. Must be because i slept at 1 am. Hoaahhmm. Dito and alif came to my house last night. And when they were going to go home, rain falls. So they wait ... till 12pm. Hahahaa,, they crushed away the flood.

It were raining all day long. Because i didn't bring my motorcycle, i asked Iqbal to drove me home. And at the school gate,, i saw him were seeing me (but with iqbal). Huwaaa,, if i knew that you were there i won't ask iqbal to. I just walked to angkot so you can see me alone ... After we drove about 5 metres from school gate, i scream "I wanna go home with himm!!". Iqbal just "Huh? Well alright then". Yeah right,, he turned back to school gate! And we got him went out just at the same time. So I and Iqbal drove back home exactly behind his (friend)'s motorcycle. He saw me turning back. Oh.my.God. How fool you Iqbaaalll!! >.<


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