I got a toothache !!

Yesterday i went to the dentist and get my teeth checked. Really hurt me all the time. Cause the bracket is moving the fore teeth back. I changed the rubber into green cause there is no pink. Hh,, poor me. Then i just got back from cinema, i watched Kambing Jantan. Hh,, honestly i rather read the books and the comic one. No offense dika,, =P But after opened dika's web, it's explained the focus of the film. Good thought i think. I laughed several times, but my favorite scene is:

Dika: Kebo ngamuk.
Edric: (muka bego) ha? adha kebho ngamuk di Indhonesia? (medog gitu)

Edric's expression and the timing are the X factor. Hilarious! Good job! Then i bought some bread at Roti Unyil. But sadly i couldn't eat them greedily. My toothache... arrrgghh. ;(
green rubber!! Hurts,,

in XXI with friends

Dunia Unyil
Place : Spreaded in Mega Bekasi Hypermall.
Opens : From 10am till 9pm. as the mall does.
Price : Rp 600,- each.
Flavors : Chocolate, cheese, strawberry, blackcurrant, pineapple, pandan, chocolate wijen, etc.


lola said...

yes i'd rather read the novel

Mira Maulia said...

eat, play, sleep = menyenangkan sekali yaa :D

Fanny Trijayanti said...

lola : yup, me too.

mira maulia: sangat!

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