Pessimist VS. Optimist

Damn. damn. I couldn't do the best. What i've learned for all this time just appears as only 10-20 questions. And the rest is totally different. I don't have any idea how to answer it. Oh God. Please,, help me.

Dad : How is the test?
Me : I can't ...
Dad: Huh?
Me: Yeah. I can't answer all the questions.
Dad: But, you have learned at school right?
Me: I know, but the question types are very different!
Dad: So it's your school's fault.
Me: Of course not, dad.
Dad: So you should know how to answer it even it has different type.
Dad: What's your opinion about the result? Pass? Not? Or 50-50?
Me: ...

But i can put a hope on Indonesian, English, and Science. Hope it works. And then i and my friends went to Solaria. To fulfill my obsession to eat its chicken cordon bleu. Yumm!! =) Quite refreshing.
i wore a black sweater and big white bow shirt.
Bayu is wearing my bow tie too.


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