Manis manja

My class make a badminton championship.. Played double by a girl and a boy randomly. My team is Manis manja, with me and Dimas. What a silly name.. hahahaa =D. First i won from Ami-Toil but then i lost from Deni-Intan who become the runner up. Damn! I and Dimas has prepared everything better than others.. actually just costume. If there was a Best Costume Award we must be win!!

Right now it is raining hardly outside. It's not a flood anymore, it become a lake! I do still have a homework but i haven't continued do it. Still 6 pages to be written.. *.*


lola said...

fun fun fun..

cinta caezar said...

manis manja 2009 ,,

maniss ,,
manjaa ..
harus maniss ,,
pokonya manja ..
yess yess ..

maaf yah icon nya ga dateng ..

arnie azreen said...

manis manja?
what a cute name!!!
i present you the BEST TEAM'S NAME! :D

nice to meet you too! :D

Fanny Trijayanti said...

lola : so much fun! especially i and dimas always yells like crazy. but we become 'big mouth' since we didn't win.. hiks ;(

cinta caezar : salah tau yel nya.
"MANIS MANJA 2009 !!
manis! manja! harus manis! mau tau pokoknya manja!
yes yes yesss.. wohooo.."

arnie azreen : waw thank you =) fyi, i'm 'manis' and dimas as 'manja' hihi,,

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