Rambo outside, tweety inside

Hey,, check out what i found inside my mathematics killer-teacher's drawer..
1. What? a comb.. a purple one??
2. Markers, didn't surprise me. Those which covering my math book with "4x" --> means i have to run 4 times. Just once? No. Yesterday i used to run 20 times..


arnie azreen said...

u opened your teacher's drawer without telling her???
wow! *amazed* *.*

now i'm wondering what would my teachers' drawers look like,,hehehe... :P

Fanny Trijayanti said...

actually he is a man! no no, a killing machine!
i did it when i search my friend's math card (o yeah, there is a math card, a death card i mean)

i guess i will post about him.. hihi.

arnie azreen said...

a man????
a purple hairbrush?? :S

Fanny Trijayanti said...

yep,, a purple one. it will be more shocking if see his face.. fierce!

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