Spotted : Me!

Just back from Metropolitan Mall, Bekasi with my BFF Sima and Cinta. They accompanied me to buy softlens for tomorrow event. Then suddenly two men approach us and asked us for a couple of time to chat. They are Andrew and Aji. They offered us to become their talent in a film. They explained everything. Aji also asked us to join Mak Comblang and Cinlok and i said "Whaaatt? I guess no!!". And then Aji gave us a name card. But when they asked our numbers, we all were confused until the end we didn't give them one. (Please don't say we are arrogant, we just surprised..) But then Aji said " Okay, i know i understand. Fyi, you can come to our office, or maybe you just call me and i will pick you up". Ahahahahhh,, what a funny experience. Should i go? Is it for real? I have no idea..
Goodnight electric shirt, unbranded batik skirt,
eustace red lace-jeans bag.


cinta caezar said...

hahaa ,,
asiiik jadii artisss ..

sumpaah ,, satnite yg ga terlupakan dehh ..
akhirnya ada yg melihat kelebihan di diri kita bertiga ..


Fanny Trijayanti said...

cinta caezar : ahh,, tp jd ragu gw. boong takutnya. uda ah,, gw ngundurin gw yg sms.

arnie azreen said...

love your shirttttttttttttt!!!!!!
i wish i could come to indonesia,,there's a lot of adorable stuff there!!! :D

Fanny Trijayanti said...

arnie azreen: thanks dear..

Dhyn Hanarun said...

rok batiknya lucu banget!
gak kira bisa dipake bareng t-shirt.
gimana tuh caranya?

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