Wedding bell

Congratulations for Mba Mieke and her new husband! Happy married.. Last night i attend the celebration by being the .. what in English .. girls who welcoming the guests and asked them to fill the guest book. The girls are Bayu's friends (Bayu is Mba Mieke's brother). We wore Padang traditional-modern clothes. Huwaa,, so embarassing how did i look like. And other girls,, looked soo gorgeus! Hiks ='(

Heart the collar

Last week i went to Endorse to attend the AFTER SUNSET SALE: UP TO 70%. So i and my brother took motorcycle to go there. Waw,, soooo many people there though it was evening! The sale held at the parking area. But,, in my opinion: there is no good stuff which is sale. So i just heading to the shop and got a cute shirt! And then i went to Nanonine and got this (boy) T-Shirt! It's by Goodnight Electric, an Indonesian Band. Waw.

Nanonine, by Goodnight Electric

Spotted : Me!

Just back from Metropolitan Mall, Bekasi with my BFF Sima and Cinta. They accompanied me to buy softlens for tomorrow event. Then suddenly two men approach us and asked us for a couple of time to chat. They are Andrew and Aji. They offered us to become their talent in a film. They explained everything. Aji also asked us to join Mak Comblang and Cinlok and i said "Whaaatt? I guess no!!". And then Aji gave us a name card. But when they asked our numbers, we all were confused until the end we didn't give them one. (Please don't say we are arrogant, we just surprised..) But then Aji said " Okay, i know i understand. Fyi, you can come to our office, or maybe you just call me and i will pick you up". Ahahahahhh,, what a funny experience. Should i go? Is it for real? I have no idea..
Goodnight electric shirt, unbranded batik skirt,
eustace red lace-jeans bag.

Just chill

Got some cheaaapp stuffs from Pasar Senen. Never get in train by myself (actually with cinta, she also doesn't know about trains). So we use train bravely, asking people around, staring at every station's board. Hahahaaii,,

grey turtle neck sweater : Rp 10.000,-

blue velvet dress : Rp 10.000,-

dark brown velvet legging : Rp 15.000,-

PS : I do really need to find my digicam and the cable. All pics in the blog were taken by my camera phone.

No more hunger

(1) Es Buah or Fruit ice
Place : "Kabita Juice" In front of WorldMart, Galaxy, Bekasi.
Price : around Rp 6.000,- if i'm not mistaken. Sorry, forgot.
Others : Es podenk and es doger.
Rate : * * * * *

(2) Es Pocong
Place : Besides Gunadarma University, Kalimalang. In front of PRIMAGAMA.
Price : Es Pocong = Rp 4.000,- // Tempe Mendoan = Rp 3.000,-
Others : Fruits soda ice, Potato stick, etc. Once again, i forgot.
Rate : * * *

(3) Ice Cream
Place : In front of Lutuye Salon, Galaxy, Bekasi.
Price : Rp 3.000 - Rp 5.000,-
Others : Served as ice cone and sundae. Vanilla, chocolate, and mixed.
Rate : * * *

Like father, like daughter

I've been do a lot of fun activity (read: eating) for a few days. But now i will share my dialog in Yahoo! Messenger with my daddy. Since he is in Pekanbaru, Riau right now. But these are in Indonesian:

roy_bagan: Ini pake apa HP or Laptop?
fannyholic_chan: laptop
roy_bagan: Oke kalau kontak papa pake ini aja gratis
fannyholic_chan: huu
fannyholic_chan: noraak
fannyholic_chan: eia
fannyholic_chan: besok aku ambil duid lg
fannyholic_chan: mw bayaran skolah ma les
roy_bagan: Iya donk BB gitu loh....
fannyholic_chan: beliin dong..
roy_bagan: Masak kamu pake BB, kalau dapat UI,ITB n UGM dibeliin
fannyholic_chan: :D
roy_bagan: Tapi tambah budget Rp 180rb perbulan
fannyholic_chan: ha?
fannyholic_chan: buat internet yah?
roy_bagan: Iya Gaptek juga neh anak papa
fannyholic_chan: jah
fannyholic_chan: sialan.. si papa jg kalo ga ganti BB jg ga bakal ngerti bgituan
roy_bagan: Apik sdh pulang? Hpnya koq mati dihubungi dari kemaren? Hilang apa?
fannyholic_chan: udah
fannyholic_chan: gatau, paling baterenya error lg
roy_bagan: Hpnya? Orang batre baru koq
roy_bagan: Mana dia?
fannyholic_chan: katanya hpnya ga dinyalain
roy_bagan: Bilangin tdk ada alasan harus nyala spy papa bisa monitor OK
fannyholic_chan: iyee
fannyholic_chan: e jgn lupa bawa coklat2 gitu pa, ntar pulangnya
fannyholic_chan: pa, ada sumbangan2 gitu nih
roy_bagan: Ya udah papa masih lama, kalau ambil uang titip utk Pak Husen go cap bilang ganti uang makan burung dari papa
roy_bagan: Sumbangan apa?
fannyholic_chan: sumbangan minimal 5 juta. pilihannya pokoknya kelipatan 5 jt.
fannyholic_chan: UGM..
roy_bagan: Ooh tanya temennya
fannyholic_chan: buset pilihannya dari 5-300 jt
fannyholic_chan: yah, temenku ngambil dokter. dia minimal 10 jt.
roy_bagan: Bntar pp tanya dulu
roy_bagan: Kalau 30 jt gimana? Pengaruhnya bgmn?
fannyholic_chan: yaa,, makin gede sumbangannya ya ada kesempatan aja gituu. kan ada jg univ yg liat sumbangan jg. tp ga tentu jg sih..
fannyholic_chan: besok aja deh aku daftarnya. ga jadi skarang.
fannyholic_chan: soalnya aku masih bingung mau ngambil jurusan IPS juga pa gak
roy_bagan: Mknya pp jadi bingung ya besok aja cari info temen
roy_bagan: IPS apa?
roy_bagan: Hukum, tata negata etc apa?
fannyholic_chan: yaa kayak : Hubungan Internasional, manajemen, psikologi, sastra, dll.
fannyholic_chan: iyaa hukum jg masuk IPS
fannyholic_chan: Chance nya sih kurang kalo ngambil IPS jg, cz aku kan cuma waktu sdikit buat blajar IPS. Tp kayaknya jurusan2 IPS lebih menarik aja..
roy_bagan: Bulatnya kemampuan Fanny apa? Yg mudah kerja klu selesai gitu n banyak peluang swasta or pnegeri
roy_bagan: Contoh Bang Adi,mau kerja kemana2 gak bisa fotograpy atau seni hrs usaha sendiri
fannyholic_chan: gatau. tp kalo yg gampang dpt kerja tuh kyk T.I , Manajemen, Akuntansi, Teknik industri. kayaknya sih..
fannyholic_chan: dia kan lulusan fisika..
roy_bagan: Ya itu maksud pp, jangan sampai lulus sarjana ngga kepake kerjanya beda dg krahlian
roy_bagan: Mknya ditimbang2 dulu prospeknya jangan asal
fannyholic_chan: iyee
fannyholic_chan: uda ah.. cape
fannyholic_chan: mau tidur
fannyholic_chan: daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
roy_bagan: Coba Fanny berpikir Prospek orang lain boleh2 aja mungkin selesai papanya ada modal daaaaag

What do you think about my father, huh?
PS : Oh, trust me. He really is a lack-of-technology guy, maybe he may just heard about Blackberry this month..

Sing along

Today I and my friends went to InulVista, a karaoke place owned by a famous dangdut singer in Indonesia. Total of us around 16 people. So we only can order (according to the front office.. yeah right) VVIP Room!! What? Huh,, but finally we order it. What a huge room. We used it for 2 hours. Tee-hee <3

Rambo outside, tweety inside

Hey,, check out what i found inside my mathematics killer-teacher's drawer..
1. What? a comb.. a purple one??
2. Markers, didn't surprise me. Those which covering my math book with "4x" --> means i have to run 4 times. Just once? No. Yesterday i used to run 20 times..

No pain no gain

Manis manja

My class make a badminton championship.. Played double by a girl and a boy randomly. My team is Manis manja, with me and Dimas. What a silly name.. hahahaa =D. First i won from Ami-Toil but then i lost from Deni-Intan who become the runner up. Damn! I and Dimas has prepared everything better than others.. actually just costume. If there was a Best Costume Award we must be win!!

Right now it is raining hardly outside. It's not a flood anymore, it become a lake! I do still have a homework but i haven't continued do it. Still 6 pages to be written.. *.*

Keep praying

Come back with me, fanny!! Hihi,, i had a lot to posted. Next is about last night event, which we called Mabit or staying at a mosque (in this case, at school's) for a night in order to take more pray. But before I went to school, I went to galaxy and bought some Cireng isi or filled-food made by certain flour. Delicious even i couldn't eat it a lot since i got a toothache. Hiks ='(

sleep in the class

friends eating cireng in the dark

Cireng isi
Place : Galaxy, Bekasi.
Price : Rp 1.500,- each.
Opens : Evening
Flavors : as in the picture above

Golden brownie

Tonight i will go to my neighbor's-Mas Eko marriage. I only have this gold kebaya, so I went to Giant just now and bought some items such as: Brown chiffon-like trousers, bow pastel high heels, bowie brown clutch, batik long skirt, and headband. Heheheh,, and i took some pics while i was fitting.. I chose to use trousers than long skirt, cuz it makes me not-too-formal than batik long skirt does.

Shoes crave

Want..want..want.. anyone?

from Fringe

Friendship never ends

Having fun with my webcam when i took my lenovo to school..

Psstt,, we have a plan to send our "accident-photoshoot film" to and will got publicity. Woohoo,,

I got a toothache !!

Yesterday i went to the dentist and get my teeth checked. Really hurt me all the time. Cause the bracket is moving the fore teeth back. I changed the rubber into green cause there is no pink. Hh,, poor me. Then i just got back from cinema, i watched Kambing Jantan. Hh,, honestly i rather read the books and the comic one. No offense dika,, =P But after opened dika's web, it's explained the focus of the film. Good thought i think. I laughed several times, but my favorite scene is:

Dika: Kebo ngamuk.
Edric: (muka bego) ha? adha kebho ngamuk di Indhonesia? (medog gitu)

Edric's expression and the timing are the X factor. Hilarious! Good job! Then i bought some bread at Roti Unyil. But sadly i couldn't eat them greedily. My toothache... arrrgghh. ;(
green rubber!! Hurts,,

in XXI with friends

Dunia Unyil
Place : Spreaded in Mega Bekasi Hypermall.
Opens : From 10am till 9pm. as the mall does.
Price : Rp 600,- each.
Flavors : Chocolate, cheese, strawberry, blackcurrant, pineapple, pandan, chocolate wijen, etc.

Some sun son

Hii, i'm going to the dentist this evening. My city major came to my school today. Dunno what was he doing. Maybe gave his son/daughter some money. Hahhaaa,, =) Not important huh? I know, i know. I wrote this to test my blog. For 2 days my blog got some error, but this morning it went well. Hmm,,

Take care..

Again, i'm late for posting yesterday event. Big sorry. So YESTERDAY I, Fitri, Intan, Bunga, Bayu and Jodie went to Mega Bekasi Hypermarket. Because jodie tomorrow (which is today) are going to go back to Medan, so we decided to hung out. Then we chose to eat at Gokana Teppan. Hihi,, there's a lot of fun there! Hope you safe there, friend! =)

The right boy is Jodie, my friend who is moved to Medan.

Pessimist VS. Optimist

Damn. damn. I couldn't do the best. What i've learned for all this time just appears as only 10-20 questions. And the rest is totally different. I don't have any idea how to answer it. Oh God. Please,, help me.

Dad : How is the test?
Me : I can't ...
Dad: Huh?
Me: Yeah. I can't answer all the questions.
Dad: But, you have learned at school right?
Me: I know, but the question types are very different!
Dad: So it's your school's fault.
Me: Of course not, dad.
Dad: So you should know how to answer it even it has different type.
Dad: What's your opinion about the result? Pass? Not? Or 50-50?
Me: ...

But i can put a hope on Indonesian, English, and Science. Hope it works. And then i and my friends went to Solaria. To fulfill my obsession to eat its chicken cordon bleu. Yumm!! =) Quite refreshing.
i wore a black sweater and big white bow shirt.
Bayu is wearing my bow tie too.