My first blog

Hii,, finally i'm blogging now! I confuse which language will i use in this blog, indonesian or english. After i've been thinking for a while, i decided to use english! So i can improve my language skill. Hehehe,, Actually, i already have a blog. It was for my computer homework. But it must be a junk right now.

So,, i would like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! Sadly,, an hour before 2009 fell asleep while i was watching "Harry Potter: The goblet of fire" in Trans TV. I never watch it before. Damn, i dunno how the ending is. I also have bought a 'terompet' (too lazy to see the dictionary, maybe it is triumphet.dunno.), and because i asleep that terompet doesn't have any function anymore right now. gak guna,,


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