Happy b'day to me

I was really surprised! My friends Fitri, Rate, Yoga, Iqbal, Gagan, and Eka come to my father's bedroom (where i slept) and wake me up surprisingly. They're surrounding or me around the bed with holding candles, Fitri is holding martabak as my birthday cake from them. Rate wears a horrible mask, that they are hoping that i'm gonna shock me. Unfortunately, i'm not. Hah hah haa,,

And then we go out to the dining room. My brothers and dad bring me a cake too! Waw,, XP. Eka gives me a present--maybe from others too-- a wallet. Black cute wallet. Thanks guys.

And then we chat for an hour. The boys are trying to make fun with me. Rate said "We have presents for you. So please close your eyes". So i do it. I just open my hands and shout "Where is it? Come on. Hurry up!". And then something (read: they say it is Iqbal's lips) touch my chin. Then i quickly open my eyes and freak out. But i am REALLY SURE until now that it wasn't true. I believe it. They don't even dare,, i mean. Trust me. Yeah,, right.

O yeah, one more. They ask me to open my handphone and check the messages. And guess what? When i unlock my handphone, there is "17 New Messages". What a coincidence, remembering that i'm 17 now.

Sigh,, hope this afternoon my friends will come. Wish me luck.


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