Walk and talk

I went to Kota Wisata (again) with Cinta, Cyntia, Dito, Yoga, and cinta's friend Bo (I didn't know his name, i heard Cinta called him like "Bo,,"). We were signing to approve SIMAK UI try out for 25 january. And then,, we went to Kampung Cina or Chinatown!! Hihi,, it was soo much fun. But i couldn't find any unique stuffs to bought. Well,, there were some, but i was searching for something that appropriate for me.

Here we are

Cyntia, me, and Cinta

riding a dragon. Yahooo,,

What do ya think?

Don't have any idea
what am i doing..


Too bad i'm not in the pict

Heheh,, so much pictures huh? Because it was fun!! =)


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