Hip hip hoo

I went to Gelora Bung Karno to attend the try out. With Cinta, Bayu --my childhood friend--, his friends: Ade and Damas. Hahah,, i'm very worry right now. Coz after i did the test, i realized how f***ingly HARD the questions are!! You need study harder fan,,

having funwhile thinking the answer.

left: Cinta
right: Me

Actually, this is just test-photo.
Not prepare yet.

New board!! (Because we didn't bring ours)

This is how we end up.
just with few answers,, hah.

Heheheh,, thanks guys!! For offering me a ride, for buying me food, and made me laugh today.

Oia,, Intan i'm sorry if i'm not there for you. I'm sad when you told that we have no care when you need it. Deeply sorry. But the truth is, i don't have any idea if you are sad right now. Because i thought you were ok already at school yesterday. Please! Don't do anything crazy.


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