How could you dad? ;p

Okay,, i've bought some strawberrys, pears, grapes, oranges, and nata de coco for making ice fruit (es buah maxudnya,,). Sigh,, i wonder will they ALL come or not. I'm afraid that tomorrow will raining, InsyaAllah not.

At first, i were asked by my father about the wooden mini table (read: my gift). Surprisingly when i came home from Superindo he directly said "Fan, how about 'that' table become your gift? It's useless in here." And i was like "Hmm,, ahh,, well,, ehem,, up to you dad,,". Actually what i was thinking was WHAT THE F? Please no,, That table is too big for my small room. It's better with no table then.
Weirdo table. What will i put in that little drawer?
Gotta take a bath right now. Bye X)


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