La la laa,,

Late to school today. Heheh,, It was raining too in this morning, but didn't make it till being flooded. Fiuh,, Pa Abbas came when i thought he won't since it was already 9 am (math starts at 8.30 am). The funny thing was, he asked Phia to open both doors. So the wind blew quite hard. It brought a wafer case in front of the class. When he wrote the title of the lesson, suddenly he looked left, approaching it, bend over it, and said "Heey,, do you guys all want to protest me huh? Are you messing with me?!! Are youu??!!" --there is must not any trash or anything he may called 'trash' in our class when he is teaching--. And then he decided to sit and didn't teach us until the bell is ringing. Hahahaahh,, sialan lo. Mana dapet 55 di rapor,,

O yea,, i saw 'the cute one' 3 times today! Aaanndd,, i met him on the way to teacher's room too. Hahahah,, freak.


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