Please help us,, ya Allah

The first challenge in this day is to take a shower. Waw,, Since holiday i never take a shower in the morning. Never. Plus, it was rainy for days so the water is so cold!! Brr,, i was freezing. And then i arrived at school just right before the school ceremony began. I don't know,, i felt like i don't have friends in class. Because when i line up at school ceremony, i coouldn't chat with my classmates. It was like i didn't know what to talk about. So i just chat with looks-like-my-only-friends, Sima and Arief. Hh,, Okay back to ceremony. The most surprising part was when our used-to be-our-georaphy-teacher that also being a curriculum staff, Pak Ade Nur said some criteria how we can graduate from class 12. As you know, i have 1 subject that i didn't pass, math. Actually, if Pak Ade didn't take a policy that "the score was written by pencil, so we can fix it in 2 weeks", all of the students will not be graduate instantly, without have to wait the National Test.

So does it mean, currently i may not graduate?! Naudzubillahi min zalik. So pleeaassee.. pleeeaaassseee Allah help us.


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