Plain yoghurt

Oooww. Nothing special today. Study, rest, study, go home, do the laundry, go to course, study, take dress from tailor, go home, blogging. Hh,, i couldn't feel passion this day. Caelah,, gayanyaa. Besides that, my tie dye dress not-so-like-what-i-wanted. Hh,, i feel a little lazy to upload photos of it. Maybe tomorrow, maybe someday.

Ow, i remember something. So, cinta's friend --Zaka-- has a band. They are recording right now. And then he are looking for a manager. Since cinta and my favor of music same with him, he decided to ask us to be their manager. So,, i said yes. Hmm,, maybe i were too rushed. Don't know,, Heard fun for me. Hihii,, But we haven't known their genre music though.

PS: I haven't see ya cutie. Hmm,, =(


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