2 Days blog

Well,,yesterday i was so damn tired after the celebration's done. So i will write what happened yesterday.

They --Fitri, intan, aisyah, cyntia, yoga, iqbal, faisal, bunga, tepi (?), eka, dwiky-- finally came around 7 pm!! Damn. I've waited from 3 pm, that means i've been waited for 4 hours. Aaarrgghh,, But then i asked them to came in. We played UNO while waiting for others. But at 8 pm, tepi told me that he has a promise with someone. So he went home before we started to eat. Then rate, gagan, and agung came. We started to have dinner until 9.30 pm. We were playing guitar, singing, talking, etc. First, i was scared that i will get punk'd. But until they went home, nothing happened. Good.

TODAY. 21:46 pm.
My friends and I go to XXI. First, we planned to watch a movie, that unfortunately failed. Because there is no good films! So we decided to not watch movie. Fitri, intan, and bunga go home first because they have courses. So, i am the only girl in the gang. I decided to go home too,, because i don't eat anything for today and i rather to eat at home. I push Iqbal to go home too --because i go the XXI with him. no choice.God,, no--. But other boys want to take a pray first, so i follow them. This is the part: When i finished take a pray, i look back --the mosque's door is glass.and outside there is Yogi and gagan-- and see that Gagan point his finger to my shoes outside, and i know that there's something not right. And, it's true. I find my shoes already beside gagan's seat outside. Hahaha,, gotcha! They failed to punk'd me.

So we go home, but rate ask us --iqbal and i-- to go to fitri's house (Fitri,intan, and bunga didn't make it to courses because they were late). After arrive, i straightly say to fitri that i have to go home on that time because my father has called me! Because of it, they all go to my house too. We are playing UNO till 7.30 pm, and then they say that they wanted to go home. AND,, when i deliver them to garage, Rate hit me with egg! And then other start to hit me too, with eggs and flour!! So for 30 minutes there is "chase play" between me and my friends. What a fun time. I will never forget it. Though my 16th birthday more unforgettable. Hahahaa,,


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