Dearest friend

First, i was shocked when i read notes "When doctor tell "LEUKIMIA" to me" in facebook. And i quickly found out the writer, and it's Wita, my current classmate. I grabbed my handphone then text my friends Intan and Cinta. I asked if they knew it or not. Intan text me back and said "Yeah. she is. Alhamdulillah she still in first stadium". And then i read the full notes of wita again, and ... what a story. I was deeply sad reading it. She wrote the pain that she felt every single day. From nose-bleeding (mimisan), bruise instantly, big-drugs for 3 days that she thrown away, she cries every night in corner of her room.
I don't know what i can do to make her better, so i choose to edit her photo with tutorial from smashing magazine:
Heheh,, i put a little photo of mine. And on the trophy plate i write "STRONG GIRL". Hope you can be better than ever girl,,


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